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At Somerville Recreation Centre you can improve your health, move your body and connect with your community through our brilliant Higher State health and wellbeing studio and class options. Our new Wellbeing studio will offer world-class Reformer Pilates classes and memberships, casual classes, group fitness, mindfulness and more.


Our Reformer Pilates classes will be equipped with Peak Pilates innovative and sleek Reformer Pilates beds to help you improve your fitness including your general strength, flexibility and balance.


You can also learn the art of mindfulness, peace and gratitude through our mindfulness and meditation classes. In addition to our mindfulness classes, Somerville Recreation Centre will also offer a range of your favourite group fitness classes, like Body Pump and Body Balance to get you moving.


Find out more about our wellbeing options below.


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Higher State - Reformer Pilates
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Join our Wellbeing Studio
Join our Wellbeing Studio
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