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Somerville Recreation Centre is supporting the ‘Find Your 30’ campaign, giving members access to a range of gym, swim, or play services, indoors or outdoors, in their own community.  

‘Find Your 30’ is Sport Australia’s national call to action designed to help Australians find 30 minutes of heart rate-raising physical activity every day.  

Community Leisure Centres make it easy to find 30 minutes of physical activity, with a range of options under one roof – from gyms and group fitness spaces to swimming pools, water slides and sports arenas. 

Fiona Boughton, Deputy General Manager for Marketing at Sport Australia, said the ‘Find Your 30’ campaign aims to increase physical activity levels across Australia.  

Everyone benefits 

‘Find Your 30’ also helps parents and children find ways to do sport and physical activity together. 

 “Activity can be more than dedicated exercise, it can also be about enjoying physical activity in social settings with friends and family. The benefits are enormous,” Fiona said. 

So where and how can you find your 30? 

Staff at your local Belgravia Leisure centre can talk to you about the various activities on offer, while the Find Your 30 page on the website has lots of tips on how to get more active. Fiona points out your 30 minutes of daily activity doesn’t have to be done all at once.  

 “There’s also great benefit in joining a gym, community centre, sport team or club in terms of social connections, general mental health and wellbeing. Making physical activity a priority every day is key.” 

Listen to the Playlist 


We have created the ultimate playlist to help get you motivated to Find Your 30!

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